2016 Painting Challenge Winners - Large Miniature



Though it scored lower than Adam's runner up piece on technical skill Donald Johanson's was equal on the overall look and edged ahead on flair. The judges all enjoyed this interesting approach to displaying a bust. I personally loved how the final look captured the essence of old-fashioned pulp adventure novels and comics in a very fitting way, through the composition and the painting style. It was the only piece to get a five out of five for flair and that was from me - this sort of creative composition really makes me smile. My main critique was that the chimney stacks behind Jo would have been better placed so they were offset from her head. But well done Donald!

"Really impressive background image makes the bust of Jo stand out. More transitions between the dark and light would have set Jo off a little bit more from the background but overall this is a really great piece!" - Joe

"I really like the idea behind this piece with the painted background. Clothing is nicely done and skintone is smooth though some colour glazes would have added more interest. The left eye for me is better painted than the right which skews her expression." - Jason

"A really interesting composition for a bust - I like that a great deal. Good colour choices and has a good cartoon quality. In places the paint doesn't look smooth, often thats the paint being either too thick or more likely too thin and it builds up rough over many many layers. That said it's a fun piece that I like as it's got character." - John


Adam Skinner's entry was all about exhibiting painting skill and mission accomplished! Big Boss looks like he's been plucked from the grimy streets of the Big Smoke thanks to the awesome metals and subtle weathering. The yellow and blue give some real pop to the piece without hurting the muted overall tone and by working that blue into the metal tones it has unified the different elements. The base, though simple, also fits the overall aesthetic and sets off the model. With an entry that's been painted to this level it almost feels petty to look for flaws but in the spirit of constructive criticism myself and some of the other judges felt that the large areas of skin on Brute could have been pushed for more contrast. I wonder if Kenneth could have been given a bit of pop to draw the eye - a repeat of some blue or yellow as a spot colour perhpas? A piece to be very proud of though, great work Adam!

"The colour choices are solid, the blue and yellow scheme, yet the flesh tones are missing some life. The addition of red into the mix (or some glazing of red) would really bring the piece to life. The blue of the trousers are very nicely painted as is the weathering on the metals." - John

"Beautifully painted but I would have loved a bit more work on the base to really tell a story. From a purely 'figure' point of view, it’s wonderful." - Joe

"The colour composition works well, with nice weathering and effective damage and chipping to the metallic parts. The orange tone of the skin complements the blue trousers, but the skin lacks some other tonal variations." - Jason